About me

Hello! My name is Kris and since 2010 I am the person behind the KRIS MERAKI brand. There, I design and make fashion, accessories and fabrics through which I express my great love and admiration for nature.

I studied Arts, Crafts and Design at Grennan Mill Craft School, Thomastown, Ireland. 

I studied felting techniques as well as working with prestigious textile artists such us; Nicola Brown | Caroline Schofield | Sheila Jordan | Mel Bradley IRELAND, Anna Gunnarsdottir ISLAND, Arleen Shawcross | Maggie Grey | Liz Clay | Margaret Beal  UK, Birgitte Krag Hansen DENMARK, Lyda Rump | Annette Quentin-Stoll | Sigrid Bannier | Jeanette Sendler GERMANY, Rutsuko Sakata | Leiko Uchiyama JAPAN, Anita Larkin NEW ZEALAND.

I also travelled to Holland to receive training in Botanical printing from the renowned artist Irit Dulman, ISRAEL.

The brand

The KRIS MERAKI brand is the combination of my name KRIS and MERAKI, a Greek word that means “do something with love and creativity, putting your soul into it; the essence of yourself reflected in what you do”.

Natural fibers and botanical material are the main ingredients of the brand. KRIS MERAKI creations are the result of observing the shapes and elegance of nature using traditional and artisanal methods. Our work always emphasizes design, with ideas that never go out of style and respect the environment.

Likewise, we are inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy. Wabi refers to the simplicity of the rustic and subtle elegance while sabi means the beauty of age, the serenity that comes with time and the beauty of imperfection.

My work requires a slow and conscious process, respecting the cycles of maturation, oxygenation and drying. Each piece requires a respect for natural growth, existence and the cycles of nature, all of which are granted. 

At Ecoprint we strive to extract and stamp the shapes and colours of nature that bloom, flourish and disappear – leaving their mark on nature as they do so. 

With handmade felt, we strive to design and create fabrics and volumes resulting from the observation of the existing shapes and textures in nature.

The KRIS MERAKI brand is committed to an aesthetic of minimalist calm; attentive to the details, delicacy, elegance and values that shape the quality of our materials. Based on the colour palette of nature, these evoke harmony and serenity, a sincere and intimate atmosphere.

Nature and Wabi-sabi transmit stories, accompany you and are the ideal combination to get closer to happiness. Ideas that are always in fashion!

The workshop

The KRIS MERAKI botanical-textile atelier is a bright spacious space surrounded by nature that lives inside a glass greenhouse in a small and cozy town called Berrobi in the province of Gipuzkoa.

Likewise, the brand has a contact point by appointment and a showroom in Intxaurrondo – San Sebastián.

Ecoprint & Dye garden

The botanical material used in the elaboration of the prints is collected with love and care in the surrounding landscapes, which generously offers us great richness and variety in species of dye behaviour. However, there are some wonderful and magical plants that are not easily found in our environment, so we decided to create our own dye garden!! with exclusive and well tendered plants.

It is a great luxury and pleasure to be able to have this green space that we look after with care to create exclusive prints that our clients always fall in love with!