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Threads of Thought

“Threads of Thought” in the exhibition LOSING THE THREAD. “Threads of thought” is a conceptual piece presented by KRIS MERAKI for the exhibition entitled LOSING THE THREAD. Exhibition composed of thirteen female textile creators and one creative photographer, who all claimed fibre as a means of artistic expression. This exhibition travelled to various locations in …


CREATIVIUM is a transdisciplinary project that analyses and portrays scientific creativity in an artistic-literary key. The project was conceived, written and coordinated by the physicist and writer Gustavo Ariel Schwartz  with photographs by Paula Arbide. The graphic design, layout and web design was done by Joseba Roldón Aguayo while Kris Meraki took charge of the design of …


Piece made of wool and hemp by Kris Meraki for the photographic project MASKARADA by Eva Franco. — September 2021 Read more

800 Layers

2010 – 800 Layers, Kilkenny (Ireland). Permanent installation in the Palace of Justice in Kilkenny County commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works. Completed as an assistant to the Irish textile artist, Caroline Schofield, we built and installed a sculpture made of felt and hemp. The piece is a set of twelve busts, made …

Eyewear Wonderland

Construction of a sculpture made from felt and natural fibres for a high-end optical shopwindow called “The Counter” located in the centre of Beirut, as well as for two other branches in Saudi Arabia. Inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” and working in collaboration with RDally, we designed and constructed a floating landscape full of …


Design and production of a handmade felt donkey head for the staging of the character Braulio-the wise donkey, for the children’s TV program “Txantxariak”. 2017-2018

Second Skin

Nudity as a symbol of solace. Fabrics caress us, protect us, give us tenderness and give us light. The shades illuminate us. Collaborative work. Photo show. Photographer: Helena Cancelo | Model: Maite Rosende (Illustrator)

Design Art

Objects, figures, textures and shapes taken from nature to decorate indoor spaces and create warmth and uniqueness. Made of pure wool and silk