“Threads of Thought” in the exhibition LOSING THE THREAD.

“Threads of thought” is a conceptual piece presented by KRIS MERAKI for the exhibition entitled LOSING THE THREAD. Exhibition composed of thirteen female textile creators and one creative photographer, who all claimed fibre as a means of artistic expression. This exhibition travelled to various locations in Gipuzkoa throughout 2016 and 2017.

Concept of the work

Inspired by the brilliant and at the same time gloomy image with which Bécquer describes his fertile imagination in the introduction to his Rhymes and Legends, “Threads of Thought” this is a visual journey through the mind, through the thoughts that travel as they wish, entangling and unraveling, getting lost and found, turning and evolving until reaching a final point with meaning.

Clear ideas or confused ideas are intertwined creating a tangle that ends in a thread of thought. The chaotic and obsessive thoughts –black– coexist with the sharp and clear ones –white- and the predominance of one or the other marks our mental state.

“Threads of thought” represents a journey through feelings, through thoughts, materializing the struggle to achieve the state of maximum clarity and illumination.