Packaging and presentation

The packaging of the KRIS MERAKI brand is part of the experience of purchasing an exclusive and unique item, which is why great attention to is paid to detail. We use recycled materials following our philosophy of caring for the planet and our environment. We decorate the packages with flowers, stems and leaves that we collect with great care. Each package is accompanied by a card explaining the technique, as well as a thank you note for choosing an artisan product, friendly to nature and for supporting small businesses.

Shipping & Returns

The order is prepared in 24 hours and once shipped it can take between 48-72 hours. Generally we do not make shipments or deliveries on weekends. You have a period of 14 calendar days from the receipt of your piece to make changes or returns without questions. In both cases the return costs will be borne by the customer. In case of replacement, the brand is responsible for the costs of the new shipment.

Washes and Care

The tannins and pigments of all Eco printed fabrics have been fixed through a natural treatment of the textile prior to printing and high temperature is applied afterwards, which makes the prints permanent and durable. All eco printed items can be washed. Silk and wool items are recommended to be washed by hand with warm water and neutral soap. Drain with your hands without twisting. Do not use dryer or centrifuge. Dry in the shade. Iron if you wish. Steam ironing enhances the colours of the botanical print and the shine of the silk.